Disinfection protocols, when implemented correctly, can be a cost-effective means of reducing disease-causing organisms and are an important step in any biosecurity plan. Development and implementation of a step-by-step disinfection protocol for the control and prevention of infectious disease is essential for farms and veterinary clinics.

These references will provide an overview of:

  • Considerations necessary when choosing a disinfectant and developing a disinfection protocol
  • Various classes of disinfectants and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Important information found on disinfectant labels
  • Essential steps of an effective disinfection protocol

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Vehicle cleaning and disinfection on livestock operations is a critical component of an on-farm biosecurity plan during a foreign animal disease outbreak.

Learn more about Setting up and Operating a Cleaning and Disinfection Station on a Livestock Premises

Disinfection 101

This document provides a general overview of disinfectant information regarding proper selection, application, mixing, reading a label, and effectiveness against various disease causing organisms.

PDF (20 pgs)

Virus Family Table

This handout summarizes virus families based on their genetic (DNA vs. RNA) and cellular (enveloped vs. non-envelped) characteristics and lists the affiliated animal diseases and species affected by each virus. This handout supplements the other disinfectant information to aid in proper selection of an effective disinfectant on farms.

PDF (6 pgs)

Antimicrobial Spectrum of Disinfectants

This table provides a summary of microorganism susceptibility to select disinfectant classes.

PDF (1 pg)

Sign: Disinfectant Formulation

PDF (1 pg)

Bacteria Group Review Table

This handout reviews the various types of bacteria based on their classification as gram negative or positive as this is important when selecting an effective disinfectant.

PDF (1 pg)

Characteristics of Selected Disinfectants

This table provides general information for select disinfectant chemical classes, summarizing the antimicrobial spectrum, mechanism of action, characteristics and factors affecting effectiveness.

PDF (1 pg) Updated December 2021

Reading Disinfectant Product Labels

Understanding the information on a disinfectant product label is essential for effective disease organism inactivation and removal, as well as ensuring safety when using the product. This handout overviews key areas of a sample disinfectant label. It helps explain where to find key information on a product label.

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Spanish PDF (1 pg)

Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol

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