Infection Control and Prevention

Infection control and disease prevention between animals or to people requires awareness of how exposure happens, biosecurity steps to stop spread, using disinfectants appropriately, and communicating through signs ways to protect themselves.

Disease Exposure Routes

Vector Borne

Disease causing agents can be spread from animal-to-animal and between animals and humans through a variety of transmission routes. 

Farm Biosecurity

Farm biosecurity is important to keep animals healthy. Small steps can prevent diseases in livestock, poultry and people.



Disinfection, when done correctly, can reduce disease-causing organisms and is an important part of any biosecurity plan.

Organic Animal Health

The Organic Livestock Project

Information for non-conventional livestock and poultry farmers and ranchers and those who support them.


Zoonotic Disease Prevention

Zoonotic Diseases

Resources for animal owners to prevent the transmission of zoonotic diseases.


Signs and Visitor Information

Do Not Enter sign

Signs serve to notify visitors and raise their awareness regarding biological risk management practices and on farm policies.