Eradication Plan for African Swine Fever in the United States

Pigs in biosecure confinement

Factors to Consider in a Potential Eradication Plan for African Swine Fever in the United States: A White Paper

This paper describes potential approaches for developing an eradication plan for African swine fever (ASF) should it become established in the United States. The purpose of the white paper is to encourage discussion and consideration of important factors for ASF eradication amongst all regulatory officials and stakeholders. The focus is on ASF elimination in domestic swine. Elimination of ASF in feral swine is not addressed.

Funding for this project was provided by the National Pork Board. The NPB considers this white paper to be a living document. The concepts are to be built upon and revised as approaches are discussed and refined. The content of the white paper is the sole responsibility of the authors. Stakeholders from Federal and State government and industry were asked for input during the development of this paper.

White paper summary webinar: