Maria Victoria Lenardón

Lead Public Health Veterinarian

Dr. Maria Victoria Lenardón received her degree of Médica Veterinaria from the Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina in 2009. She practiced in a small animal clinic in Córdoba, Argentina before joining the CFSPH in 2010. She obtained her MPH degree through the University of Minnesota in 2014. She is responsible for the Spanish language content on the CFSPH website, the Spanish version of the EEDA course (Curso de Enfermedades Transfronterizas de los Animales) and its implementation in the Americas, and frequently communicates with Spanish speaking instructors and users of CFSPH content. She is currently in charge of the development and implementation of an Emergency preparedness and response: African Swine fever online course in English and Spanish being offered in the Caribbean and South America. She is also involved in the translation and development of other resources for a variety of projects for the CFSPH, including the Secure Food Supply Plans, biosecurity and an influenza education project for youth in agriculture.