Katie Steneroden

Lead Public Health Veterinarian

It started with a love of animals. What followed is a career that has allowed Katie to explore the depths and diversity of veterinary medicine.

Katie has practiced conventional and alternative medicine in urban and rural practices, animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation clinics, and Native American reservations. Switching gears to focus on disease prevention led Katie to participate in infectious and zoonotic disease outbreaks in the UK, Haiti, Egypt, and Azerbaijan. Supporting research on the impact of climate change on livestock resulted in Katie mentoring emerging scientists in Nepal and Sub-Saharan Africa. Training and capacity-building experience and intense curiosity have led to new work with the growing organic and alternative livestock movement in the US. Through it all, Katie has had the opportunity and privilege to work with farmers, welfare inspectors, knackers, scientists, dog breeders, government, and industry.

Ensuring animal, human, and community health is Katie’s true passion. Empowering others is her calling. Cooking, eating, friends and dogs provide balance and enormous gratification. At CSFPH, Katie has the unique privilege to indulge in all of the above.