Jenna Bjork

Lead Public Health Veterinarian

Dr. Bjork joined CFSPH in September of 2021. Prior to working at CFSPH, Dr. Bjork worked as a Vectorborne Disease Epidemiologist at the Minnesota Department of Health for eight years. In addition, Dr. Bjork has ten years of experience within the veterinary field serving as a companion animal veterinarian, research associate, and veterinary assistant. Dr. Bjork earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota in 2006 and dual DVM/MPH degrees in 2011 from Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. These experiences and education have given her a unique perspective on infectious disease and health education. Dr. Bjork enjoys exploring the interfaces of human, animal, and environmental health and promoting health for all. At CFSPH, Dr. Bjork is intricately involved in several short-term projects as well as maintaining and updating the Transboundary and Emerging Diseases of Animals & Initial Accreditation Training online course for veterinarians and veterinary students.