Cheryl Eia

Lead Public Health Veterinarian

Dr. Eia received her DVM from Iowa State University in 2008 and her MPH from the University of Minnesota also in 2008. She received a BA in political science from Minnesota State University, Moorhead and a JD from St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to attending veterinary school, she spent a number of years practicing law. Following graduation from Iowa State, Dr. Eia joined the CFPSH as veterinary specialist, working on projects related to animal emergency preparedness and response, FADs, and veterinary accreditation. In 2012, she became the Coordinator of Emergency Preparedness and Response and Assistant Director in the Division of Animal and Public Health at the American Veterinary Medical Association. In 2017, she joined the Minnesota Department of Agriculture where she managed the dairy inspection program, worked on emergency preparedness and response issues, and served on the MDA’s Incident Management Team. Dr. Eia rejoined the CFSPH in December 2021 and is working with federal, state and industry partners on a variety of preparedness and outreach efforts.