If foot and mouth disease (FMD), classical swine fever (CSF), or African swine fever (ASF) is found in U.S. livestock, animals and animal product movement will be restricted to control the spread of these very contagious animal diseases. The Secure Pork Supply (SPS) website provides resources to voluntarily prepare before an outbreak.


Diseases and Resources by Species

Aquatic Animals Bovine Canine
Cervids Equine Feline
Humans Non-Poultry Birds Pocket Pets
Poultry Small Ruminants Swine


September 28, 2017
Animal Disease Emergency Online Course

This course will be offered in January 2018. The course provides an overview of the response and actions needed to detect, contain, and control high consequences diseases of livestock and poultry. The course has been RACE-approved for 4.0 CEUs. More information »

July 14, 2017
NVAP web modules RACE-approved for continuing education credit.

The modules are free and available to anyone with internet access.
More information »

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