If foot and mouth disease (FMD) is found in U.S. livestock, animals and animal product movement will be restricted to control the spread of this very contagious animal disease. The Secure Beef Supply (SBS) website provides resources to voluntarily prepare before an outbreak.


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June 15, 2018
Registration Open for Emerging and Exotic Diseases of Animals (EEDA) Online Course

For veterinarians, veterinary technicians and others interested in high consequence animal diseases. The course includes lessons, descriptions of actual disease incursions, and scenarios where participants use differentials to narrow down disease possibilities. Dates: July 25- September 30. More information »

April 03, 2018
Animal Disease Emergency Online Course Now Available

This course is now available! It overviews key concepts pertaining to the response for a livestock and poultry disease emergency. The course has been RACE-approved for 4.0 CEUs. More information »

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