Aerosol Exposure

Aerosol exposure occurs when pathogenic agents contained in aerosol droplets are passed from one animal to another, or from animal-to-human. Most pathogenic agents do not survive for extended periods of time within the aerosol droplets and as a result, close proximity of infected and susceptible animals is required for disease exposure.

Resources and Information

Practical Applications: Aerosol
These PowerPoint presentations outline specific practical measures to minimize the risk of aerosol transmitted diseases.
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Aerosol Transmission Control
This document summarizes the key points of managing diseases transmitted by aerosol and can be used to highlight the main points of the corresponding PowerPoint.
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Aerosol Transmission

Resources by Exposure Route

Aerosol Transmission Direct Contact Transmission
Fomite Transmission Oral Transmission
Vector-Borne Transmission Zoonotic Transmission