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Veterinary Immunology & Principles of Vaccination

The course gives an overview of immunology with a focus on infectious disease and vaccination. This online course contains more than 17.5 hours of lectures.

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Introduction to Veterinary Immunology

This web based course provides a high-level overview of the above-listed longer course. Dr. Jim Roth in 4.5 hours of lectures introduces how the immune system works, how vaccines prevent disease and why vaccines sometimes fail to protect from disease and occasionally cause adverse reactions.

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Introduction to Principles of Veterinary Vaccination

The course offers an introduction to the principles of immunology and how veterinary vaccines work. This online course contains 3 hours of video lectures plus printed materials.

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Please note that the two shorter courses, Introduction to Veterinary Immunology and Introduction to Principles of Veterinary Vaccination, each cover separate information. Students will benefit from taking both courses. The longer course, Veterinary Immunology and Principles of Vaccination, covers the topics in more detail. Those who take the two shorter courses will learn more about these areas in the longer course. The longer course also stands on its own for people who want to take just that course.