Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and Response (FAD PReP)

Decontamination Zones During an FAD Incident

USDA FAD PReP Materials and References

These documents are available on the USDA FAD PReP Materials and References page.

USDA APHIS has developed the Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Plan (FAD PReP) materials to raise awareness, develop capabilities, and enhance the coordinated response to an animal disease outbreak. The materials present a comprehensive U.S. preparedness and response strategy for FAD threats, both zoonotic and non-zoonotic. This collection of FAD PReP resources can be accessed on the USDA FAD PReP Materials and References page. APHIS provided funding through a cooperative agreement to the Center for Food Security and Public Health to develop some of these resources. The content for all of the materials developed by the CFSPH was written by veterinarians, reviewed by designated subject matter experts within and external to USDA APHIS, illustrated by professional graphic designers, and distributed for review and comment. Once finalized, the content is reviewed and approved by the USDA Legislative and Public Affairs (LPA) for wider distribution. Links to the resources developed by CSFPH in a variety of formats are found below.

Description ppt Description   Biosecurity (2016) Revised!
Description ppt Description   Cleaning and Disinfection (2014)
Description ppt Description   Disposal (2012)
Description ppt Description   Surveillance, Epidemiology and Tracing (2014)
Description ppt Description   Health and Safety (2011)
Description ppt Description   Mass Depopulation and Euthanasia (2015)
Description ppt Description   Personal Protective Equipment (2011)
Description ppt Description   Vaccination for Contagious Diseases (2014)
Description       Appendix A: Vaccination for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (2015)
Description       Appendix B: Vaccination for Classical Swine Fever (2017)
Description       Appendix C: Vaccination for High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza (2015)
Description ppt Description   Wildlife Management and Vector Control for a Foreign Animal Disease Response in Domestic Livestock (2014)
Description ppt Description   Quarantine and Movement Control (2016)
      Description Cow-Calf (January 2012)
      Description Dairy (March 2011)
      Description Beef Feedlot (July 2011)
      Description Poultry (March 2013)
      Description Swine (March 2011)

FAD PReP/National Animal Health Emergency Response System (NAHEMS)
Resources developed by the CFSPH

Guidelines provide the foundation for a coordinated national, regional, state and local response in an animal health emergency. These guidelines are designed to be integrated into the preparedness plans of other Federal agencies, State and local agencies, Tribal Nations, and additional groups involved in animal health emergency management activities.

PowerPoint presentations are resources for speakers providing educational opportunities or training experiences, or can be used as a self-study. A collection of PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes is based on the content of the associated FAD PReP Guidelines.

Tactical Topics are two-page briefs on response activities to be used as operational reminders or attached to an Incident Action Plan at deployment. These Tactical Topics capture the critical messages of the associated FAD PReP Guidelines.

FAD PReP Industry Manuals

Industry Manuals provide a broad overview of U.S. production methods and the procedures that may be used in the event of a highly contagious FAD outbreak. The Manuals were developed for officials involved in managing a highly contagious FAD outbreak, response team members working to control disease on the farm, and producers and employees at production facilities.