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Vaccines : Harbin Veterinary Research Institute

  427 Maduan St
  Nanggan Area of Harbin City
Phone: 86.451.85935005
Fax: 86.451.82733132

Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvantLicensed Countries
Avian Influenza H9 Inactivated VaccineAvian InfluenzaKilledH9 subtypeOilChina
Classical Swine Fever Live VaccineClassical Swine FeverLiveNot AvailableNoneCuba
Highly Pathogenic PRRS Live VaccinePorcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)LiveHuN4-F112NoneChina
Inactivated PRRS VaccinePorcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)KilledCh-1a strainNot AvailableChina
Pseudorabies Live VaccineAujeszky’s DiseaseLiveBartha K61NoneChina