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Vaccines : Onderstepoort Biological Products

  Private Bag X07
  Onderstepoort, 0110
  South Africa
Phone: 2712.522.1500
Fax: 2712.522.1591

Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvantLicensed Countries
African Horse Sickness VaccineAfrican Horse SicknessLivePolyvalentNoneSouth Africa
Anthrax Spore VaccineAnthraxLiveSterne (34F2)GlycerinSouth Africa
B-PhemeralBovine Ephemeral FeverLiveNot AvailableNoneNamibia,
South Africa
Bluetongue VaccineBluetongueLivePolyvalentNoneSouth Africa
Brucella Rev.1 Vaccine for Sheep and GoatsBrucella melitensisLiveRev-1NoneSouth Africa
Brucella S19 Vaccine for CattleBrucella abortusLiveS19NoneSouth Africa
Fowl TyphoidFowl Typhoid and Pullorum DiseaseLiveStrain 9RNoneSouth Africa
Frozen African Redwater Vaccine for CattleBovine BabesiosisLiveAfrican (Babesia bigemina)Bovine bloodNamibia,
South Africa
Frozen Asiatic Redwater Vaccine for CattleBovine BabesiosisLiveAsiatic (Babesia bovis)Bovine bloodNamibia,
South Africa
Heartwater - Infective BloodHeartwaterLiveNot AvailableOvine bloodSouth Africa
Inactivated Rift Valley Fever VaccineRift Valley FeverKilledNot AvailableAluminum hydroxide gelSouth Africa
Live Rift Valley Fever VaccineRift Valley FeverLiveSmithburnNoneSouth Africa
Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine for CattleLumpy Skin DiseaseLiveNeethlingNoneSouth Africa
RVF Clone 13Rift Valley FeverLiveClone 13NoneSouth Africa
Wesselsbron Disease VaccineWesselsbron DiseaseLiveNot AvailableNoneSouth Africa