The Compendium of Veterinary Vaccines for Transboundary Diseases is intended to be an international web-based resource on the availability of vaccines for transboundary diseases. We hope this resource will help government officials locate emergency vaccines during a disease outbreak.

NOTE: The CFSPH does not manufacture nor distribute vaccines. Contact the manufacturers directly for more information.

The Compendium includes a directory of vaccines by manufacturer, by country of production, and by disease. The Compendium listings are reviewed and updated each year in July and August, but new information or revisions to existing information are accepted at any time. Government regulatory officials and vaccine manufacturers are encouraged to update and add information to make this a truly valuable international resource. The directory does not include information on the safety or the efficacy of these vaccines. Anyone interested in using these vaccines should request that information from the manufacturer.

Information in the Compendium has been submitted by government regulatory officials, vaccine manufacturers, or has been obtained from information on the Internet. As information is posted, manufacturers are asked to verify the accuracy of the information.

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The United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has provided funding for the creation of this international resource. Information on additional diseases may be added in future years. The IICAB began collecting information on registered vaccines in 2000 and worked with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) to conduct a survey of registered vaccines for OIE List A diseases in 2001. The survey results were distributed at the Vaccines for OIE List A and Emerging Animal Diseases meeting that was held in September 2002 in Ames, Iowa, USA and published in Developments in Biologicals, Vol. 114, 2003.