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Vaccines : Croatia

Regulatory Agency: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MP?VG)
Phone: 385.1.6106.673
Fax: 385.1.6109.207


VETERINA Animal Health Ltd.
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
Ay-Vak Bartha®Aujeszky’s DiseaseLiveBarth K61None
Plivak®-KSClassical Swine FeverLiveChineseNone
Gumpeskal® + IB + EDS (Infectious Bursal Disease, Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis, Egg Drop Syndrome)Egg Drop SyndromeKilledNot AvailableOil
Pestikal® + EDS + IB
(Egg Drop Syndrome, Infectious Bronchitis)
Egg Drop SyndromeKilledNot AvailableOil