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Vaccines : Netherlands

Regulatory Agency: Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit of the Medicines Evaluation Board
Phone: 31.317.465730
Fax: 31.317.423193


Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
Ornivac EDSEgg Drop SyndromeKilledEDS '76Oil
PestorinRabbit Hemorrhagic DiseaseNot AvailableNot AvailableAluminum hydroxide
Pestorin MormyxRabbit Hemorrhagic DiseaseKilledNot AvailableAluminum hydroxide


Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
Ingelvac® PRRS MLVPorcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)LiveVR 2332Not Available
Ingelvac® PRRS KVPorcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)KilledP120 (European strain)Oil


Ceva Santé Animale
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
COXEVAC®Q FeverKilledNine Mile 72 QFNot Available


Laboratorios Ovejero
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
NEO-VAKY ADAujeszky’s DiseaseLiveBartha K61 gE-Oil
(Pulpy kidney disease, lamb dysentery, Haemolytic Enterotoxaemia, Haemorrhagic Enterotoxaemia, Struck, Hemorrhagic Septicaemia, Respiratory processes, Digestive processes)
Hemorrhagic SepticemiaKilledTypes A, B, D & E (HS)Not Available
ARVILAPRabbit Hemorrhagic DiseaseKilledLO1Aluminum hydroxide
NOVARVILAPRabbit Hemorrhagic DiseaseKilled256-512Not Available


Merial SAS (France)
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
Pestiffa®Classical Swine FeverLiveChinese (lapinized)None
CEDIVACFoot and Mouth DiseaseKilled purified DIVAAvailable upon requestDouble oil emulsion


MSD Animal Health (Merck)
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
PORCILIS® AD BegoniaAujeszky’s DiseaseLiveBegonia (tk- and gE-)Tocopheryl acetate
NOBILIS® Influenza H5N2Avian InfluenzaKilledType A, subtype H5Water in oil
NOBILIS® Influenza H9N2Avian InfluenzaKilledType A, subtype H9Water in oil
PORCILIS® CSF LiveClassical Swine FeverLiveGPE-Not Available
NOBILIS® Duck PlagueDuck Virus EnteritisLiveUtrechtNot Available
(Infectious Bursal Disease, Newcastle Disease, Egg Drop Syndrome)
Egg Drop SyndromeKilledEDS '76Oil
(Newcastle Disease, Egg Drop Syndrome)
Egg Drop SyndromeKilledEDS '76Oil
(Avian Pneumovirus, Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle Disease, Egg Drop Syndrome)
Egg Drop SyndromeKilledMassachusetts, D207/D274 (IB)Oil
DECIVAC® FMD DOEFoot and Mouth DiseaseKilledO1, A, C, Asia-1, SAT-1, SAT-2, SAT-3
(serotype dependent upon location)
NOBILIS® SG 9RFowl Typhoid and Pullorum DiseaseLiveStrain 9R (SG)None
PORCILIS® PRRSPorcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)LiveEuropean DVTocopheryl acetate