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Vaccines : Netherlands

Regulatory Agency: Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit of the Medicines Evaluation Board
Phone: 31.317.465730
Fax: 31.317.423193


Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
Ornivac EDSEgg Drop SyndromeKilledEDS '76Oil
PestorinRabbit Hemorrhagic DiseaseNot AvailableNot AvailableAluminum hydroxide
Pestorin MormyxRabbit Hemorrhagic DiseaseKilledNot AvailableAluminum hydroxide


Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
Ingelvac® PRRS MLVPorcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)LiveVR 2332Not Available
Ingelvac® PRRS KVPorcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)KilledP120 (European strain)Oil


Ceva Santé Animale
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
COXEVAC®Q FeverKilledNine Mile 72 QFNot Available


Laboratorios Ovejero
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
NEO-VAKY ADAujeszky’s DiseaseLiveBartha K61Oil
(Pulpy kidney disease, lamb dysentery, Haemolytic Enterotoxaemia, Haemorrhagic Enterotoxaemia, Struck, Hemorrhagic Septicaemia, Respiratory processes, Digestive processes)
Hemorrhagic SepticemiaKilledTypes A, B, D & E (HS)Not Available
NOVARVILAPRabbit Hemorrhagic DiseaseKilled256-512Not Available
ARVILAPRabbit Hemorrhagic DiseaseKilledLO1Aluminum hydroxide


Merial SAS (France)
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
Pestiffa®Classical Swine FeverLiveChinese (lapinized)None
CEDIVACFoot and Mouth DiseaseKilled purified DIVAAvailable upon requestDouble oil emulsion


MSD Animal Health (Merck)
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
PORCILIS® AD BegoniaAujeszky’s DiseaseLiveNIA-3(tk- and gE-)Tocopheryl acetate
NOBILIS® Influenza H9N2Avian InfluenzaKilledType A, subtype H9Oil
NOBILIS® Influenza H5N2Avian InfluenzaKilledType A, subtype H5Oil
PORCILIS® CSF LiveClassical Swine FeverLiveGPE-Not Available
NOBILIS® Duck PlagueDuck Virus EnteritisLiveUtrechtNot Available
(Infectious Bursal Disease, Newcastle Disease, Egg Drop Syndrome)
Egg Drop SyndromeKilledEDS '76Oil
(Avian Pneumovirus, Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle Disease, Egg Drop Syndrome)
Egg Drop SyndromeKilledMassachusetts, D207/D274 (IB)Oil
(Newcastle Disease, Egg Drop Syndrome)
Egg Drop SyndromeKilledEDS '76Oil
DECIVAC® FMD DOEFoot and Mouth DiseaseKilledO1, A, C, Asia-1, SAT-1, SAT-2, SAT-3
(serotype dependent upon location)
NOBILIS® SG 9RFowl Typhoid and Pullorum DiseaseLiveStrain 9R (SG)None
PORCILIS® PRRSPorcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)LiveEuropean DVTocopheryl acetate


Zoetis Netherlands
Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvant
Zulvac 8 OvisBluetongueKilledSerotype 8Not Available
Zulvac 8 BovisBluetongueKilledSerotype 8Not Available