Zoonoses: Protecting People and Their Pets

Handbook for Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals Cover First Edition, 2013
Edited by:

Glenda Dvorak, DVM, MS, MPH, DACVPM
James A. Roth, DVM, PhD, DACVM
Gregory C. Gray, MD, MPH, FIDSA
Bruce Kaplan, DVM

Companion animals play an important role in the lives of humans. In addition to companionship, the human-animal bond can enhance human health and quality of life in many positive ways. Interactions can have human health implications, if proper preventive measures are not taken. Bites, scratches, and zoonotic diseases – diseases transmissible between animals and humans – may be possible.

This textbook was developed to help human and veterinary healthcare professionals and students enhance their knowledge of zoonotic diseases, especially those associated with companion animal species. Partnerships between human, veterinary and public health professionals are needed to raise awareness, enhance detection, and promote prevention for zoonotic diseases to protect the health of humans and pets. The textbook also provides educational materials to educate clients, patients and staff on the risks and prevention of zoonotic diseases.

Chapter 1: Companion Animal Zoonotic Diseases: An Overview
Chapter 2: The Human-Animal Bond
Chapter 3: Animal Bites, Scratches and Disease Transmission
Chapter 4: Companion Animal Zoonoses and Immunocompromised Individuals
Chapter 5: Companion Animal Zoonoses and Children
Chapter 6: Environmental Zoonoses: Shared Environments, Shared Risks
Chapter 7: Principles of Treatment and Prevention for Zoonotic Diseases
Chapter 8: Technical Fact Sheets for Zoonotic Diseases of Animals
Chapter 9: Color Images for Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals
Chapter 10: Zoonotic Disease Awareness and Prevention Educational Handouts

The development of this textbook was a collaborative One Health effort involving input and review from a number of human and veterinary medical experts. Contributing authors and reviewers for the textbook include: Margaret Chorazy, MPH, PhD; Lisa Conti, DVM, MPH, DACVPM, CPM, CEHP; Kathleen F. Gensheimer, MD, MPH; Rebecca Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN; Laura Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP; Kerry Leedom Larson, DVM, MPH, PhD, DACVPM; William McCulloch, DVM, MPH; Peter M. Rabinowitz, MD, MPH; Gary Simpson, MD, PhD, MPH; and Anna Rovid-Spickler, DVM, PhD. Forewords by Tina Parker, DVM, MSPH, RN and Lyle Petersen, MD, MPH, and Roger Mahr, DVM and the One Health Commission Board of Directors are included.

Coil Bound
239 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-9846270-3-5

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