Maddie’s® Infection Control Manual for Animal Shelters
for Veterinary Personnel

Maddies Infection Control Manual CoverFirst Edition, 2008
Edited by Christine A. Petersen, DVM, PhD
Glenda Dvorak, DVM, MS, MPH, DACVPM
and Anna Rovid-Spickler, DVM, PhD

This manual was developed as a resource for veterinarians and veterinary students involved in animal shelter medicine. The purpose of this handbook is to enhance knowledge about infection control measures in the shelter environment, and to aid veterinary professionals in the development and implementation of infection control protocols.

The manual is divided into five chapters. Chapter One introduces infection control for both zoonotic and non-zoonotic diseases, explains why it is important for animal shelters, and discusses the basic steps in developing and infection control plan. Chapter Two provides detailed information on the principles of infection control. Chapter Three reviews important considerations in establishing effective cleaning and disinfection procedures. It also provides an overview of disinfectant characteristics and their efficacy for the pathogens found in animal shelters. Chapter Four provides guidance on developing an infection control policy for an individual shelter, including the factors to be addressed establishing and implementing the policy in each shelter. A sample infection control protocol can also be found in Chapter Four. Handouts that can be used as training tools or educational materials for shelter personnel or volunteers can be found in Chapter Five. Additional resources containing comprehensive infection control information are also available and mentioned in the chapters as available resources.

A CD-ROM containing the materials in Chapter Five is provided as a part of this manual. You are encouraged to print this information for educational and training purposes.

Coil Bound
136 Pages
ISBN: 0-9745525-7-7

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