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Other Names: Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis, Canine Rickettsiosis, Canine Hemorrhagic Fever, Tropical Canine Pancytopenia, Tracker Dog Disease, Canine Tick Typhus, Nairobi Bleeding Disorder, Canine Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis, Equine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis, Potomac Horse Fever, Equine Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis, Tick-borne Fever, Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis, Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis, Sennetsu Fever, Glandular Fever
Ehrlichiosis is a group of bacterial diseases that are named according to the host species and the type of white blood cells most often affected.

Disease Agents

  • Ehrlichia chaffeensis
  • Anaplasma phagocytophilum
  • Ehrlichia canis
  • Ehrlichia ewingii
  • Neorickettsia sennetsu

Disease Presentation

Disease Categories

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Clinical Signs



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