Meet the Vet – Dr. Lainie Kringen Scholtz, DVM, cVMA

Organic and alternative livestock farmers often struggle to find veterinarians who practice non-conventional medicine. The Livestock Project recognizes the importance of giving a shout-out to veterinarians doing just that! This week, we would like to introduce you to Dr. Alaina Kringen-Scholtz (Dr. Lainie) of Twin Lakes Animal Clinic in Madison, South Dakota. 


Dr. Lainie grew up always wanting to be a veterinarian. She enjoyed helping animals, and her parents and grandparents played a big role in her growing passion and love of animals. After high school, Dr. Lainie attended South Dakota State University and got her BS in Animal Science. Then she went to Iowa State University (ISU), where she received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). After graduation, Dr. Lainie went to work for Prairie View Veterinary Clinic and, later, Animal Medical Care, where she practiced equine and bovine medicine. She then moved to her current associate position at Twin Lakes Animal Clinic, focusing on pain management, equine sports medicine and dentistry, bovine medicine and lameness, and small animal medicine. 

Alternative Medicine Training

In addition to veterinary training at ISU, Dr. Lainie also found many ways to seek alternative medicine training. Dr. Lainie was introduced to alternative veterinary medicine by her hometown veterinarian, Dr. Anna Ouverson. Using alternative methods to manage pain was one of her specialties. As an avid barrel racer, Dr. Lainie found alternative therapies extremely beneficial for her horses. During veterinary school, Dr. Lainie attended acupuncture training to add to her traditional veterinary skillset. After veterinary school, she became certified in veterinary chiropractic as well. She has seen many benefits in bringing alternative services to clients in rural South Dakota that they may not have had access to them otherwise. Dr. Lainie admits that the training was difficult but has been very rewarding.

Alternative Medicine in Practice

While Dr. Lainie’s alternative training has focused on acupuncture and chiropractic care, she also uses kinesiology taping, cupping, massage, vibration therapy, mesotherapy, aquapuncture, and acupressure. Her various methods allow her to have unique tools to manage pain in many species. Many of her alternative therapies successfully treat down cows, dummy calves, lameness in cattle, and pinched nerves in bulls. Alternative medicine is used for treatment and prevention and is especially beneficial because it has few side effects. In the future, Dr. Lainie hopes to offer herbal therapy, cold laser treatments, energy therapy, and homeopathy. 

Veterinarian – Client Relationship

Dr. Lainie emphasizes the importance of using alternative methods in her everyday practice. She also stresses the importance of being open-minded when working with clients – not all clients accept alternative methods. Dr. Lainie believes that traditional diagnostics, coupled with alternative methods, can result in some of the most effective pain management she offers. If you’re looking for alternative care in rural South Dakota, check out Twin Lakes Animal Clinic and reach out to Dr. Lainie Kringen

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  1. Lao is is my granddaughter who I am very proud of as all my grandchildren. At 3 years old, she would mix milk replacer with a large long wooden spoon ,taste the milk and say to grandpa grant “one more cup,grandpa”, She was alway with the animals on our dairy farm, especially the horses. She seem to have a natural way with them and listen to the advice her grandpa would give from all his experience with horses. She truly wanted to be a vet all her life, dedicating her time on new ways to make the horse comfortable as possible. Get to know lainie, you won’t go wrong. Sharon KRINGEN

    ,you will not go wrong. Sharon kringen

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