Self-Assessment Disease Prevention Checklist for organic and alternative farms

Photo of Step 2 disease prevention checklist

The Livestock Project has created a   Self-Assessment Disease Prevention Checklist for use on organic or alternative livestock and poultry farms. This easy to use checklist can help point out your strengths as well as areas for improvement This short checklist can be printed and filled out, or filled in online and saved. If you participate … Read more

Movement risks checklist for organic and alternative livestock

Photo of Step 1 movement risk checklist

Items moving on and off your farm or ranch can bring disease. Recognizing movement risks can help you prevent them. The Livestock Project has created a Step 1: Movement risks checklist that can help you recognize and think about the types of movements that happen on your operation. In addition, the checklist can help you … Read more

On-farm traffic concerns for organic and alternative farms

Cows unloading from a trailer

Animal diseases can be spread by dirty or shared vehicles, ATVs, equipment, and machinery. Having a plan to limit vehicles, equipment, and their movement on your farm or ranch can help prevent disease introduction. Vehicle and equipment movement risks What kinds of vehicle or equipment movement occurs on your farm? Have the vehicles that come … Read more