New Antibiotic Rules: What Do They Mean?

Man talks with female veterinarian in a field with black beef cattle, holding a dog on a leash.

As many have heard, the USDA have released a new rule regarding antibiotics for animal use. This rule went into effect last month on June 11, 2023. For animal owners, this means that all antibiotics purchases will require a veterinary prescription. These antibiotics have to be purchased from a licensed pharmacy and they are no … Read more

Using herbs and essential oils with Dr. Karlene Stange DVM 

Dark brown essential oil jar surrounded by mint leaves on a wooden surface.

Are you interested in alternative methods for preventing and treating your livestock?  It can be hard to know where to start when adding new practices. Dr. Karlene Stange, DVM, who has practiced alternative medicine for 28 years, offers some alternatives to typical treatments. Below, you’ll find her recommendations for dealing with stubborn wounds, bug bites, … Read more