New Chapters – Organic and Alternative Animal Health

The Livestock Project at the Center for Food Security and Public Health is offering FIVE new (free) RACE-approved continuing education courses  (up to 7 credits) in organic and alternative animal health.  

The course includes: 

  • Overview of organic and alternative animal health (first offered in 2022) 
  • Prevention and organic and alternative animal health 
  • Rules and regulations associated with organic and alternative livestock production 
  • Communication considerations for working with organic and alternative livestock clients 
  • Practice management considerations for working with organic and alternative livestock clients 
  • Treatments and modalities for organic and alternative livestock 

Whether you are a veterinarian, veterinary technician, farmer, rancher, student, or just have an interest in organic and alternative livestock this course is for you! These chapters will provide insight into organic and alterative livestock production, no matter your goals. This free course allows you to work at your own pace and provides additional resources for you to continue your journey into organic and alternative livestock production.  

From learning about protecting livestock against disease to understanding how to best serve organic and alternative livestock producers, these chapters dive deep into livestock production and animal health.  

Registration and access are available: