The Livestock Project is a place for learning and sharing ideas. Our mission is to shine a light on the challenges, concerns, and successes of non-conventional livestock and poultry farmers and those who support them.

The Livestock Project is for:

  • organic and alternative livestock producers
  • veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians
  • extension specialists and organic certifiers
  • researchers and animal scientists
  • and anyone who supports them.

Over the next few years, we will:

  • Carry out a national survey of organic and alternative producers
  • Gain insight into their needs, gaps, challenges related to animal health and illness prevention
  • Create user-friendly tools to address gaps
  • Create training for veterinarians and other animal health professionals focusing on organic and alternative practices, rules, and available treatments.

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Meet our team

Jenna Bjork holding a chicken

Dr. Jenna Bjork


Jenna is a Lead Public Health Veterinarian on the Center for Food Security and Public Health team. She is passionate about advocating for all creatures great and small, from whale sharks to honey bees. Knowing the relationship with our food should be central to our existence, she is excited to partner with farmers on improving our ecosystem health for generations to come.

Irene Nielsen and a sheep

Irene Nielsen

Irene is currently an undergraduate studying Dairy Science at Iowa State University. She grew up working with beef and dairy cattle and has shown multiple livestock species through 4-H. Irene hopes to pursue a career working with producers in the dairy industry along with reaching the general public. Her involvement with The Livestock Project has allowed her to expand her knowledge about alternative disease prevention and medicine which she hopes to incorporate into her career and the operations she works with.

Childhood photo of Dr. Delaine Quaresma sitting next to a cow

Dr. Delaine Quaresma


Delaine is a public health veterinarian on the Center for Food Security and Public Health team. Having grown up on a 3rd generation dairy farm in California, her childhood was spent around animals and agriculture. Delaine has a passion for increasing sustainability in agriculture and education in livestock practices that promote animal health and welfare, public health, and food security. She enjoys working with farmers to fulfill their goals of a healthier planet and better tomorrow.

Dr. Katie Steneroden examining a goat

Dr. Katie Steneroden


Katie is a Lead Public Health Veterinarian on the Center for Food Security and Public health team. She is proud to be working with and for organic and alternative producers – people who are good stewards of the land and great stewards to the animals under their care. Katie believes few things are more important than happy animals, community, and great food!

Reach out to Dr. Katie Steneroden with any questions.

Natalie Young and llama

Natalie Young

Natalie is currently an undergraduate student at Iowa State University majoring in Global Resource Systems with minors in Animal Science and Agricultural Business. She grew up on a family farm in southeast Iowa and has experience with poultry, dairy goats, and llamas through 4-H. She hopes to work with small-scale farmers internationally to support the implementation and development of sustainable livestock production systems.

The Livestock Project is a new initiative at the Iowa State University Center for Food Security and Public Health (CFSPH). This project started in 2021 with grant funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Farm photos courtesy of Rosmann Family Farms, Integrated Certified Organic in Harlan, Iowa.