Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)

Drooling cow

If you have ever traveled abroad, upon arrival back in the U.S., there are several questions you have to answer. “While you were traveling, did you visit any farms?” is one of them. A separate screening is often required if your answer is yes. Along with the prohibition of bringing fresh produce, meats, and cheeses … Read more

Reportable and foreign animal disease FAQ for organic and alternative livestock producers

The Livestock Project just posted new resources. The reportable and foreign animal disease FAQ and infographic are available on our website in the Resource section: Reportable and FAD FAQ for organic/alternative producers. With highly pathogenic avian influenza making its way across the US, and African Swine Fever in our hemisphere, it’s more important than ever … Read more

Bird flu information for organic and alternative poultry producers

Ducks flying over water

If you follow current events, you’ve probably seen news of a large bird flu outbreak in Europe and Canada. Most recently, this strain of bird flu was discovered in a wild American Wigeon in South Carolina. This disease is not limited to the large farms we often see on the news. Strains of the virus … Read more