Husbandry Resources (including Organic) for Spanish Speakers 

Spanish resources about common husbandry practices can be difficult to find for many farms with Hispanic managers or workers. Having resources readily available to your workers can be a huge benefit. Posting factsheets and protocols can make checking practices much easier. If you are looking to provide additional training to bilingual workers, check out the resources below. 

Spanish Language Resources for Organic Stakeholders: The USDA AMS provides a list of resources about organic regulations and practices in Spanish. The USDA Organic Regulations, NOP HandbookOrganic Foods Production Act, organic certification resources, and fact sheets for animal health and species-specific sources are included. 

Sustainable Agriculture Topics: ATTRA has created a list of new publications, podcasts, videos, and blogs in Spanish and English. These topics include some of the newest research being done in sustainable agriculture. Topics included are livestock farming, fruit and vegetable production, and organic practices.

Bilingual Milker Training: This training, provided by Iowa State University Extension, is a bilingual education and training resource about practices that affect milk quality. This training is a great resource if your dairy wants to improve milking practices. 

Manual Práctico de Granjas Pecuarias: This practical manual created by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture has compiled information on farm practices with new technologies focusing on cattle, swine, and poultry. Completely in Spanish, this manual focuses on production and management areas specifically for small farms. If you are a smaller farm that is looking for good practices in Spanish, check this manual out!

Dairy Calf Care and Handling – These YouTube videos created by Iowa State University Extension show and explain different calf practices focusing on health and sanitation for young calves. These videos are a great demonstration of all stages of calf care for Spanish speakers on your dairy.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Dairy Training Resources: Cornell Extension has compiled a list of dairy stockmanship, health, calf care, farm safety, hoof care, forages and feeding, and farm life resources. These resources, in both English and Spanish, provide a diverse information base. This list of resources includes videos and factsheets created by extension programs about dairy farming and management.  

Beef Quality Assurance Courses: The Beef Quality Assurance program has courses to get BQA certified in cow/calf operations, stockers/backgrounders, and feedlots in Spanish. This certification covers basic husbandry practices in the beef industry. Check out this course if you know Spanish speakers who are looking to receive their BQA certification.

Pork Checkoff Safe Pig Handling Videos: The Pork Checkoff has created videos and lessons to demonstrate safe and humane pig handling in Spanish and English. These include videos, presentations, and factsheets. Topics such as pig behavior, young pigs, market pigs, reproduction, and humane care are covered. These are great resources for education and training.