Farm Animals and Enrichment

Two multicolored young goats sit on cut stumps in a wooded area.

When considering animal care on farms, many farmers focus on nutrition, health, facilities, and other areas necessary for animal production. An area for you to consider when caring for your animals is how enrichment plays a large role in their health and welfare. Environmental enrichment is a way to enhance the physical and mental stimulation … Read more

Keeping your organic and alternatively raised animals healthy when you have visitors (including workers)

Man feeding a flock of chickens

One of the best ways to teach people about agriculture is to show them firsthand what happens on your farm. This can be through an onsite store, farm tours, or holding workshops on your property. You may need extra farm help and hire an employee or have a friend wanting to learn the ins and … Read more

Bird flu information for organic and alternative poultry producers

Ducks flying over water

If you follow current events, you’ve probably seen news of a large bird flu outbreak in Europe and Canada. Most recently, this strain of bird flu was discovered in a wild American Wigeon in South Carolina. This disease is not limited to the large farms we often see on the news. Strains of the virus … Read more