Safely introducing new or returning animals and separating sick animals from your herd on organic and alternative farms

Enclosure in a barn with 4 sheep

It’s always exciting to add new animals into your herd or flock. Additions often bring added production and improved genetics. But, it pays to be cautious, as new or returning animals can bring in new diseases. Having an area to keep these animals separate from your home herd, as well as to isolate sick animals, … Read more

Keeping your organic/alternative livestock healthy starts with good manure, bedding, and litter management

Skid loader with used bedding

It’s not possible to produce wholesome farm-raised meat, eggs, or milk without also having manure. When animals are housed indoors, using the correct bedding or litter can improve animal comfort, help protect your herd from disease, and make cleaning up easier. There are many options when it comes to bedding. Price, location, and equipment will … Read more

Disposing of animals that have died on your organic/alternative farm

Holstein cow on green pasture

Every organic or alternative farm at one time or another experiences animal death losses. Knowing what to do with the body to prevent disease spread will help protect other animals and people on your farm. Proper disposal is also critical in protecting air and water quality. Methods of disposal There are several different ways to … Read more

Protecting animals that move on and off your organic/alternative farm

Sheep with ear tags

Some animals stay put, and others are on the move – to shows, grazing off-farm, for breeding or medical care. Animal movement can expose your moving animals and your home herd to disease. Actions you take can help protect your livestock and your livelihood! Animal identification (ID) and record-keeping Animal movements, animal identification, and record-keeping … Read more