Dung Beetles: The Organic/Alternative Farmer’s Hidden Helper

A dung beetle sits on a pile of feces on a dusty road.

With emerging diseases, a changing climate, and concerns about feeding a growing population, organic and alternative producers face many challenges. Fortunately, farmers worldwide are getting a helping hand from an unexpected friend.   Dung beetles are an often-overlooked part of agriculture, but their benefits are beginning to become unearthed. With over 6,000 species of dung beetles … Read more

Four practices to protect herd health on organic/alternative farms

Man holds black lamb while sheep graze on pasture in the background.

Animals can be exposed to diseases due to various factors and agents. Diseases can be spread from animal to animal, to and from humans, and from the environment. Diseases that can spread between animals and humans are called zoonotic diseases.     Regardless of the source of the disease, there are many ways the disease can … Read more

Keeping your organic/alternative livestock healthy starts with good manure, bedding, and litter management

Skid loader with used bedding

It’s not possible to produce wholesome farm-raised meat, eggs, or milk without also having manure. When animals are housed indoors, using the correct bedding or litter can improve animal comfort, help protect your herd from disease, and make cleaning up easier. There are many options when it comes to bedding. Price, location, and equipment will … Read more