Disease prevention plan template for organic/alternative farms

The Livestock Project has put together a user-friendly disease prevention plan template for organic and alternative farms and ranches.

This template can be customized to fit your farm and your goals!

Disease preventions actions are needed daily to help ensure the health of your livestock and poultry. These same actions can also help prevent zoonotic disease spread – those that can spread between animals and humans.  

Disease prevention plans don’t have to be complex to work. Your plan should address all the ways disease could enter or spread on your farm and describe actions to prevent it.

The disease prevention plan template is part of a 3-step process to support your disease prevention. program.

  • Step 1: Fill out the Movement Risks and Disease Prevention assessment.
  • Step 2: Fill out the Self-Assessment Disease Prevention Checklist
  • Step 3: Use this template to write a disease prevention plan. Once written, manage disease prevention actions and train others about what is needed.

Customize the Step 3 plan by replacing bracketed text (that looks like this [text]) with information specific to your farm or ranch. Attach a labeled premises map to the end of this plan.

Visit The Livestock Project Blog  to read about disease prevention actions and activities that are important for organic and alternative livestock farmers. Review our Resources section for for Step 1 and 2 and other materials that can help you keep for farm and animals and your family healthy!