The Importance of Proper Signage on Your Farm 

Whether you have many visitors on your farm or not, having appropriate signage is important for many reasons. From emergencies to agritourism, signage can help keep your family and visitors safe. Proper signage can also reduce liability in case of an accident or illness.   


Agritourism is critical to educate the public about agriculture and preserving agricultural heritage. If your farm is involved in agritourism, it is important to have signage around your farm. This can help prevent accidents, protect animal and human health, and improve marketing. Other types of agritourism, such as farm stays, can also be benefitted by signage to safely direct visitors and aid in educating visitors. Signs can also help visitors learn about different agricultural goods and how they are produced. If you have a special certification like organic, American Grassfed Association, Certified Agriculture Water Manager, or others, displaying those signs can also help market your farm products. These signs can also be helpful to aid farm stores, to properly direct visitors on your farm and to market products to customers.  


On farm, any visitors must understand the risks and hazards around your farm. Signs should be located anywhere there is a potential risk. They should not be solely used around hazardous areas but as a reminder of the potential danger. Around your livestock, it is important to keep signs noting any health risks or dangerous animals. Using danger or caution signs near livestock, feed storage, or manure storage can help prevent liability.   


In case of emergencies, it is important to have signs around your farm. These signs can direct emergency personnel and serve as reminders of possible caution or danger around the emergency. If you have manure storage or silos, you have increased hazards around your farm. Having properly labeled areas can prevent emergencies and help protect visitors and employees. Signs for emergencies can also include the location of First Aid Kits or an AED if you have one on-farm.  


No matter where you farm, it is important to protect the health of your animals and humans. Putting up signs at the entrance of your farm to help prevent unnecessary vehicle and foot traffic can reduce the risk of illness to your animals or others. Having a visitor sign in to track visitors in case of an outbreak can also be helpful. You can also put signs near each livestock pen to ask visitors to avoid petting animals or warn of possible health risks. It is also beneficial to put up signs asking visitors to wear plastic boots or wash off their shoes and wash their hands upon entering and exiting your farm.   


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