Principles of Veterinary Immunology and Vaccinology

Principles of Veterinary Immunology and Vaccinology


This is a veterinary student level course that provides an overview of the immune system of domestic animals.

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  • 18.5 credits of RACE approved CE


This is a veterinary student-level course that provides an overview of the immune system of domestic animals. If you would like a basic course, we recommend the Introduction to Veterinary Immunology and Vaccination course. You can earn your CE credits in chunks, so you will receive multiple certificates as you work through the course.


Course Details

Veterinary Immunology

This section provides an overview of veterinary immunology with a focus on infectious diseases.

Veterinary Vaccinology

This section applies the principles of immunology to an understanding of how vaccines prevent disease, and why vaccines sometimes fail to protect from disease and occasionally cause adverse reactions.

* RACE Approved for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians. Category Medical, Non-Interactive Distance. Must achieve 70% on quizzes.


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The Instructors




Dr. Jim Roth (left) has successfully taught veterinary immunology to veterinary students, veterinarians, veterinary biologics staff, and government officials from around the world. He is an award winning teacher and researcher. He has served as president of the American Association of Veterinary Immunologists. Dr. Roth can help you understand the immune system and apply that knowledge to everyday issues such as vaccination and allergic responses.

Dr. Gayle Brown (center) is an exceptional teacher who has received university and national awards for her teaching. She worked with Dr. Roth to develop the learning objectives and presentations. She is responsible for the course outlines and the exams. She grades each of the exams for the advanced courses and provides feedback to participants.

Dr. Kevan Flaming (right) oversees the technical delivery of the courses and ensures participants have a good online experience.