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Vaccines : Bureau of Veterinary Biologics

  1213 m 11, Pakchong District
  Nakhon Ratchasima, 30130
Phone: 044-311476
Fax: 044-315931

Product NameDiseaseTypeStrain/SubtypeAdjuvantLicensed Countries
Anthrax Spore VaccineAnthraxLive34F2NoneThailand
Brucellosis VaccineBrucella abortusLiveStrain 19NoneThailand
Combined Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine
(Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis)
Newcastle DiseaseNot AvailableLaSota (ND)Not AvailableThailand
Duck Plague VaccineDuck Virus EnteritisLiveJansenNoneThailand
Foot and Mouth Disease VaccineFoot and Mouth DiseaseKilledO, A, Asia-1AqueousThailand
Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine for SwineFoot and Mouth DiseaseKilledO, A, Asia-1OilThailand
Haemorrhagic Septicaemia VaccineHemorrhagic SepticemiaKilledB2, 5OilThailand
Newcastle Disease VaccineNewcastle DiseaseLiveLaSotaNoneThailand
Swine Fever VaccineClassical Swine FeverLiveChineseNoneThailand