Secure Poultry SupplyDisease monitoring of birds for HPAI involves close observation and testing. This is also known as surveillance. The steps below will help find disease early or demonstrate no evidence of infection so a movement permit can be requested in an outbreak.

Oropharyngeal Swab Testing

  1. Stock the supplies needed for collection of oropharyngeal samples.
  2. Train designated employees to collect oropharyngeal samples from birds that have died, using the videos below and handouts provided (in English and Spanish). A reference guide for laboratory procedures is also available. The company veterinarian should lead this training.
  3. Have the trained employees practice specimen collection of oropharyngeal samples and submission/delivery to the State Animal Health Official (SAHO) or Area Veterinarian-in-Charge (AVIC) designated diagnostic laboratory for RT-PCR testing for avian influenza.
  4. Confirm that laboratory results from the oropharyngeal samples will be reported to the SAHO/AVIC.
  5. Ensure that individuals for each premises know when and how to enter any test results that may be required by the State if the premises is in a control area.

Videos (English and Spanish):