Secure Turkey Supply Project


  • To minimize the risk of exposure of poultry flocks to HPAI and to thereby limit the spread of HPAI during an outbreak
  • To provide a high level of confidence that turkeys entering market channels for human consumption are free of HPAI virus
Secure Egg Supply.


  • Created a committee of industry experts and stakeholders
  • Reviewed industry biosecurity plans and created a checklist that was evaluated and ranked in importance by experts to establish minimum biosecurity standards
  • Epidemiologic questionnaire to determine exposure risks developed with support of industry and academic partners
  • Draft document outlining the response steps modeled after the Secure Egg Supply (SES) Plan
  • Completed final draft plan with input from members of the Association of Veterinarians in Turkey Production, federal regulatory authorities (CEAH-NSU), state regulatory authorities, and faculty from the University of Minnesota