Secure Milk Supply Plan - Project Activities

Secure Milk Supply

Funded 2009 - Present

Plan Overview

The dairy industry operates using a just-in-time supply practice for milk movement in the U.S. and could be significantly impacted by product quarantine and movement restrictions in the event of a foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak.

The Secure Milk Supply Plan focuses on developing approaches to the safe, timely, risk-based, permitted movement of animals and animal products for the dairy industry while controlling and containing the outbreak. For more information, visit the Secure Milk Supply website at


  • Maintain business continuity for dairy producers and processors during an FMD outbreak,
  • To minimize disease spread, and
  • To assure a continuous supply of milk and milk products to consumers.

Plan Components

  • Biosecurity Performance Standards for dairy premises, milk haulers, and processing plants to implement during an FMD outbreak.
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Risk Assessment for the Transport of Raw Milk during an FMD Outbreak evaluated potential virus spreading pathways from an infected but undetected farm.

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