Secure Egg Supply (SES) Oropharyngeal Sampling Supplies

Secure Egg Supply.

How do I learn to collect oropharengyal swabs?

    You will find training videos and handouts in English and Spanish once you create an account on your state's SES Data portal. Please work with your company veterinarian to become competent in this process.


  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment- In addition to wearing clean coveralls and boots, you should wear gloves and you may want a mask, goggles, and/or head cover.
  • Sealable Plastic Bags - For holding items like BHI broth tubes
    and scissors.
  • Disposable Plastic Trash Bags - Used to provide a clean working surface and also for collecting trash and discarded chickens after sampling.
  • Duct Tape
  • Permanent Marker and Tape - For labeling BHI broth tubes.
  • Scissors - One clean pair per house.
  • Dacron or Polyester Swabs with Plastic Shafts* - Flocked or foam tip swabs are preferable to non-flocked. Cotton tip and/or wooden shaft swabs should not be used, as they may contain material that will interfere with testing. (Research Paper on sampling)
  • Paper Towels
  • Virkon® S* and Sprayer - The Virkon® S needs to be mixed up every 7 days.
  • BHI (Brain Heart Infusion 5 ml) Broth Tubes* - Keep refrigerated< before using. You will need one tube per house. Before using, ensure the broth is a clear amber color (discard if it is discolored or cloudy). BHI broth tubes expire in 18 months when stored at refrigerator temperature. Label tubes with house number or ID.
  • A Small Cardboard Box - A shoebox works well. This will be used as a holder for the BHI broth tubes and Dacron swabs.
  • Laboratory Forms for submission of samples to your diagnostic laboratory. Be sure to include your premises ID on the form.
  • A Cooler and Cold Packs - To store samples until they are delivered to the laboratory.

  • *We provide links to suppliers as a convienence and as an example of the type of product required. We do not endorse the linked companies or any other companies.