Secure Egg Supply (SES) Producer Signup Information

This page provides resources for egg producers to participate in the voluntary preparedness components of the SES Plan.

Secure Egg Supply.


  • Review the SES Plan and the voluntary preparedness components (pdf) of the plan.
  • Contact your State Animal Health Official (SAHO) to indicate your interest in participating in the voluntary preparedness components of SES.
  • Review the biosecurity standards (.doc).
  • Implement the required biosecurity on the premises with assistance of the company veterinarian.
  • Create an account for each premises on the SES Data Portal for your state. The SAHO will provide the access instructions.
  • Stock supplies needed for collection of oropharyngeal samples.
  • Train designated employees to collect oropharyngeal samples from hens that have died, using the videos and handouts provided (in English and Spanish). The company veterinarian should lead this training. The videos and handouts are available once you create an account on your state's SES Data Portal.
  • Have the trained employees practice specimen collection of oropharyngeal samples and submission/delivery to the SAHO/ADD designated diagnostic laboratory for RT-PCR testing for avian influenza.
  • Confirm that laboratory results from the oropharyngeal samples will be reported to the SAHO/ADD.
  • Ensure that individuals for each premises know when and how to enter data into the State’s SES data portal when the premises is in a control zone.
  • Request a review by an auditor approved by the SAHO/ADD to certify that the egg facility is in compliance with all requirements for participation in the preparedness components of the SES plan.
  • Review and be prepared to implement the added biosecurity and cleaning and disinfection protocols (pdf) required when your premises is in a control zone.