Emerging and Exotic Diseases of Animals Textbook

Handbook for Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals CoverFourth Edition, 2009
Edited by:
Anna Rovid Spickler, DVM, PhD
James A. Roth, DVM, PhD, DACVM
Jane Galyon, MS
Jeanne Lofstedt, DVM, MS

The 4th Edition of this successful book has been updated and expanded for 2010. It now includes information on disease response and disease management for both the U.S. and Canada. Chapter 1 is completely new and takes a global approach to the veterinarian’s role in disease management. Chapters 2-5 have been revised, and the 75 animal disease fact sheets have been updated. The book contains 260 annotated images for 59 diseases. This edition of the book also contains disease reference charts that serve as a quick resource. Also available in Spanish.

Coil Bound
383 pages

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