2010 Symposium on Food and Agriculture Security
General Information
Meeting Agenda

Dates: October 18-20, 2010
Location: Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison, Wisconsin
Theme: Taking the “Target” off the Food and Agriculture Sector

The Symposium was held in Madison, Wisconsin on October 18-20, 2010.  Over 230 representatives from federal, state and local government, together with industry came from over 30 states and Canada to network and share ideas to reduce threats, minimize impacts, and more quickly recover from a food and agricultural security event.  As a critical infrastructure, the food and agriculture sector constitutes one-sixth of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) - over a trillion dollars a year.  A food/agriculture security event would have economic, social and psychological impacts.

Symposium Topics

  • National and international threats - latest news
  • Regional state-level partnerships – accomplishments
  • Food and Agriculture Government Coordinating Council - industry integration at the national level
  • Food and Agriculture Criticality Assessment Tool (FAS-CAT) - lessons learned and next steps
  • Continuity of business - keeping industry moving
  • Agriculture and Homeland Security Integration - State Fusion Centers, Homeland Security Strategies

This symposium will offer networking and insights to further protect our Food and Agriculture Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources including:

  • Communication
  • Intelligence sharing
  • Keeping products moving
  • Relationship building and partnering