Program Details

MPH Promo ImageThere are two programs available. This first is for current Iowa State University DVM students and the second for veterinarians.

DVM/MPH Concurrent Program for ISU College of Veterinary Medicine students

  • 42 credit degree program
  • Complete by DVM graduation
  • 3 credits per semester at University of Iowa for only a $500 fee
  • Required to pay tuition for summer courses
  • 14 students currently enrolled
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MPH Program for Veterinarians

  • 42 credit degree program
  • Applications due March 15
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  • Statement from the University of Iowa Graduate Student Handbook as it relates to standardized testing requirements for the MPH degree: "The GRE is an overall requirement for the MPH degree, but for practitioners seeking admission to the program, special permission for waivers of the GRE will be sought by the College of Public Health."

The 42 credit degree program for veterinarians

  • 18 credits from core courses
    • Environmental Health
    • Epidemiology I: Principles
    • Introduction to Biostatistics
    • Introduction to Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
    • Introduction to Public Health
    • Introduction to U.S. Health Care
  • 3 credit practicum project
  • Required Course
    • Professional Seminar: Veterinarians in Public Health
  • Electives
    • Zoonotic Diseases
    • Injury and Violence Prevention
    • Public Health Law
    • Rural Health and Agricultural Medicine
    • Diagnostic Microbiology for Epidemiologists
    • Foreign Animal Diseases
    • Food Safety
    • Applied Veterinary Epidemiology and Biostatistics Seminar
    • Public Health Emergency Preparedness
    • Public Health Informatics