Disease Exposure Routes

Disease causing agents can be spread from animal-to-animal and between animals and humans through a variety of transmission routes. Select each route below for additional resources.
Aerosol Transmission Direct Contact Transmission Fomite Transmission
Oral Transmission Vector-Borne Transmission Zoonotic Transmission

Transmission Route Handouts

These documents defines the five common routes of disease transmission (aerosol, direct contact, fomite, oral, vector) as well as zoonotic and environmental transmission. They can be used to supplement all of the materials to provide producers with a clear understanding of the route of transmission focus.
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Specific Diseases by Route of Transmission

Specific Diseases by Exposure Route

These documents list diseases based on how they are spread (aerosol, oral, etc) and whether they are zoonotic or considered foreign to the U.S.

Bovine Diseases Exposure Route [PDF]
Canine Diseases by Route of Transmission [PDF]
Equine Diseases by Route of Transmission [PDF]
Feline Diseases by Route of Transmission [PDF]