Marker Vaccines and Differential Diagnostic Tests in Disease Control and Eradication

April 4-6, 2005
Ames, Iowa USA

The purpose of this meeting was to review current technologies for marker vaccines and differential diagnostic tests, and to explore regulatory considerations for this technology in disease eradication campaigns. Marker vaccines, used with companion differential diagnostic tests, enable veterinarians to differentiate infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA) and to then remove infected animals from the national herd. 

Overview presentations on use of marker vaccines in control of transboundary diseases, safety and efficacy of marker vaccines, sensitivity and specificity of differential diagnostic tests, and regulatory considerations for use of marker vaccines and differential diagnostic tests were presented. Invited speakers discussed the state of the art for marker vaccines and differential diagnostic tests for selected high priority diseases. In addition, academic, industry, and government scientists were invited to submit their latest research and development activities related to marker vaccine and companion diagnostic test development for oral or poster presentations.

Agenda (PDF 43KB)

Organization Committee:
Rich Hill, USDA CVB
Patricia Foley, USDA CVB
Julia Ridpath, USDA NADC
Bev Schmitt, USDA NVSL
Jim Pearson, OIE
James A. Roth, ISU Center For
Food Security and Public Health
Dave Hustead, Fort Dodge Laboratories


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