Veterinary Specialists

Photo of Gayle B. Brown

Gayle B. Brown, DVM, PhD

Veterinary Specialist
2170 College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Brown received her DVM in 1986 from the University of Illinois and her MS in Immunobiology from ISU in 1989. She developed a swine influenza vaccine while working for SyntroVet Inc. in Lenexa KS. Dr. Brown returned to Iowa State University and received her PhD in immunology in 1999. From 1999-2002 Dr. Brown was a relief veterinarian for Novartis Animal Health, Professional Services. She returned to ISU to work for the CFSPH in 2002. She currently maintains and continuously improves the content in the Emerging and Exotic Diseases of Animals web-based course and the Basic Immunology and Principles of Vaccinology web-based course and co-teaches veterinary immunology to ISU students.


Photo of Kevan Flaming

Kevan Flaming, DVM, PhD

Associate Director for IT
2176 College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Flaming received his DVM and MS from Kansas State University in 1988. He received a PhD in Immunobiology from Iowa State University in 1995. He worked as an Instructional Development Specialist in the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine to improve teaching and learning in the college. Outcomes assessment was a focus of much of Dr. Flaming's work. He joined the Center for Food Security and Public Health in 2008 and provides leadership in educational technology for the Center and organizes and manages online courses for the Center.


Photo of Kerry Leedom Larson

Kerry Leedom Larson, DVM, MPH, PhD, DACVPM

Veterinary Specialist

Dr. Leedom Larson received a BS in Biology from Truman State University in 2000. She subsequently attended Iowa State University and obtained her DVM in 2004. Following an internship in equine practice, she returned to Iowa, and completed her MPH and PhD degrees at the University of Iowa. She joined the Center for Food Security and Public Health in 2010 and is responsible for a variety of projects involving epidemiology, zoonoses, and foreign animal diseases.


Photo of Maria Victoria Lenardón

Maria Victoria Lenardón, DVM, MPH

Veterinary Specialist
2120 College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Maria Victoria Lenardón received her degree of Médica Veterinaria in 2009 in the Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina. She practiced in a small animal clinic in Córdoba, Argentina before joining the Center for Food Security and Public Health in January 2010. In May 2014 while working for the center she completed her MPH from the University of Minnesota. She is responsible for the Spanish language website, the Spanish version of the EEDA course and she assists with other Center projects.


Photo of Janice Mogan

Janice Mogan, DVM

Veterinary Specialist
2170 College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Mogan received her DVM from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1979. She was a private practitioner and owned a mixed veterinary practice in North Carolina for 14 years. Dr. Mogan served 11 years in Chicago with the American Veterinary Medical Association, Professional Liability Insurance Trust as a Trust Representative where she was responsible for advising veterinary students, fellow veterinary professionals and insurance companies about veterinary malpractice and the resolution of malpractice claims. Prior to joining the Center for Food Security and Public Health, Dr. Mogan was the Agriculture Homeland Security Veterinarian for the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. She was responsible for enhancing, maintaining and institutionalizing the state’s livestock emergency disease response plans. Dr. Mogan is also a foreign animal disease diagnostician. She is currently managing the development of resources for the National Animal Health Emergency Response System for the CFSPH.


Photo of Anna Rovid Spickler

Anna Rovid Spickler, DVM, PhD

Veterinary Specialist

Dr. Spickler received her DVM from the University of California, Davis in 1989 and PhD in immunology from ISU in 1995. She was an assistant professor at Shippensburg University from 1995 to 1997 and taught immunology, microbiology and general biology courses to undergraduates. She was a freelance medical and science writer from 1997 to 2005. Past projects include contributions the "Awesome Science of Biology" series from Biotech Publishing, the Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer and the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. She is responsible for the CFSPH fact sheets and several other technical documents that the CFSPH develops. She is a coeditor of the EEDA book and the Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals book, and is a coauthor of Zoonoses Chapter in The Merck Veterinary Manual, 10th Edition.


Photo of Pam Zaabel

Pam Zaabel, DVM

Veterinary Specialist

Dr. Zaabel received a BS degree in Animal Science in 1993 and her DVM in 1997 from Iowa State University. She practiced in a mixed animal practice in Newton, Iowa for 9 years before accepting a position as Director of Swine Health Information and Research at the National Pork Board. She joined the Center for Food Security and Public Health in 2009 and is responsible for CFSPH projects focusing on swine diseases and swine health.