Design and Technology

Photo of Kevan Flaming

Kevan Flaming, DVM, PhD

Associate Director for IT
2108 College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Flaming has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, a DVM, and an MS and PhD in Immunology. He has completed significant graduate work in educational research and assessment. He has taught a wide variety of courses in varied contexts (undergraduate, graduate, professional, lecture, online, lab, small group). He coordinated, developed and participated in all aspects of a new professional curricular option at ISU CVM. He served as the Instructional Development Specialist for the ISU CVM with a focus on partnering with faculty to improve teaching and learning. Dr. Flaming has always been interested in instructional technology, and has lead the college’s instructional technology unit. In addition, he had a primary role in developing the college’s initial outcomes assessment program. He joined the CFSPH in 2008 and became an Associate Director in 2015. He manages the CFSPH instructional technology group with oversight of web based technologies, websites, and our learning management systems (Moodle). Dr. Flaming interacts with EEDA/IAT instructors on a regular basis and co-teaches the course at ISU CVM with Dr. Gayle Brown. Dr. Flaming co-owned a small animal veterinary practice for 14 years, and is married to a small animal veterinarian.


Photo of Andrew Kingsbury

Andrew Kingsbury, BFA

Senior Graphic Designer
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Mr. Kingsbury worked in the field of educational interactive design and development for three years after earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree from Iowa State University in 2004. He has created designs for both national and international clients in the areas of interactive, web, and promotional design. He began working for the CFSPH in 2007 where he serves as the Senior Graphic Designer. His primary focus includes providing overall leadership to the CFSPH graphic design team and overseeing the design and implementation of the many online learning courses that CFSPH delivers.


Photo of Dani Ausen

Dani Ausen, BFA

Graphic Designer
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Ms. Ausen was hired by the CFSPH in August of 2006, following her graduation from ISU’s Graphic Design Program. Prior to working for CFSPH, she completed design internships with both the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Interactive Media Lab, and a video and multimedia company. At CFSPH, she is the primary designer on all print-related projects including PDF versions of NVAP modules, incorporating her specialties in page layout, illustration, and photography. Her responsibilities also include executing video related projects and assisting with web design on CFSPH’s interactive courses.


Photo of Naomi Backous

Naomi Backous, BS

Web Administrator
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Mrs. Backous received a Bachelor's of Science in Management Information Systems in 2002 from Iowa State University. While in college, Naomi worked for the CFSPH (and affiliated Centers). She began working full time for the CFSPH in 2003. She currently manages CFSPH database content, maintains the website, packages scientific information for meetings, and converts educational materials into web format. She provides web support for the CFSPH team.


Photo of Vered Friedberg

Vered Friedberg, BSc

Web Developer/Systems Analyst
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Ms. Friedberg received a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Biology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Before joining the CFSPH in 2016, she worked as a software engineer and team leader, and as an analyst at Miami University IT services where she focused on enterprise system development and integration. At the CFSPH, she provides full-stack web development and system analysis, and collaborates with veterinarians, graphic designers and programmers. She designs, implements and maintains website and course frameworks using current web technologies.