Design and Technology

Photo of Kevan Flaming

Kevan Flaming, DVM, PhD

Associate Director for IT
2108 College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Flaming received his DVM and MS from Kansas State University in 1988. He received a PhD in Immunobiology from Iowa State University in 1995. He worked as an Instructional Development Specialist in the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine to improve teaching and learning in the college. Outcomes assessment was a focus of much of Dr. Flaming's work. He joined the Center for Food Security and Public Health in 2008 and provides leadership in educational technology for the Center and organizes and manages online courses for the Center.


Photo of Andrew Kingsbury

Andrew Kingsbury, BFA

Senior Graphic Designer
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Mr. Kingsbury received his BFA in Graphic Design in December of 2004. He worked in the interactive design/development field for four years in education and then worked on developing interactive design projects for a Des Moines graphic design firm. He began working for the CFSPH in 2007. He continues to develop interactive graphics and provides design for educational materials and for the CFSPH website. He provides overall leadership to the CFPSH graphic design team.


Photo of Dani Ausen-Sturgis

Dani Ausen-Sturgis, BFA

Graphic Designer
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Mrs. Ausen-Sturgis graduated from Iowa State University in December of 2005, having completed her BFA in Graphic Design as well as a Design Studies minor emphasizing Photography. She was hired by the CFSPH in August of 2006, following a one-year internship with the Interactive Media Lab of the College of Veterinary Medicine, ISU. In addition to these two positions within the college, Dani also completed a one and a half year internship as a designer with a video and multimedia company. At the CFSPH, her responsibilities involve print and some web design, incorporating her specialties in page layout, illustration, and photography.


Photo of Naomi Backous

Naomi Backous, BS

Web Administrator
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Mrs. Backous received a Bachelor's of Science in Management Information Systems in 2002 from Iowa State University. While in college, Naomi worked for the CFSPH (and affiliated Centers). She began working full time for the CFSPH in 2003. She currently manages CFSPH database content, maintains the website, packages scientific information for meetings, and converts educational materials into web format. She provides web support for the CFSPH team.


Photo of Vered Friedberg

Vered Friedberg, BSc

Web Developer/Analyst
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Mrs. Friedberg received a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Biology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Vered began working for CFSPH in 2016 to provide full-stack web development, and is collaborating with the veterinarians, graphic designers and programmers at CFSPH. She designs, implements and maintains CFSPH website frameworks using current web technologies.


Photo of Kate Schelske

Kate Schelske, BFA

Moodle Administrator
2150 College of Veterinary Medicine

Mrs. Schelske received her BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University in 2010. While a student, she completed a design internship with the CFSPH and was hired by them as a graphic designer upon her graduation. She now builds and maintains the online training courses offered by the center.